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We are proud of the fact that the ColourFence product is 100% recyclable and no toxic chemicals are required for its maintenance.   A wide range of information on what is being done to minimise the environmental impact of steel production can be found on the Bluescope Steel website. As an organisation, we recognise the importance of environmental issues to our business and we are committed to playing an active role in reducing the company’s impact on the environment.   We are committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance. We will comply with relevant environmental regulations and will adopt a systematic approach to managing environmental issues; We will support and comply with environmental initiatives and those of relevant industry bodies such as The Association of Fencing Contractors. We aim to minimise the quantity of packaging and stationery that we use while ensuring the efficient operation of our business. We will actively consider the use of environmentally preferable packaging systems such as reusable formats and recycled materials.

  We aim to minimise the quantity of waste that we produce. Where waste is unavoidable, active consideration will be given to reuse and recycling. Disposal will be used only as a last resort.   We aim to minimise the energy consumed by our operations by pursuing an active energy management programme.   Our operations depend on efficient transport systems and we will encourage the use by ourselves and contractors to maximise load efficiency and to use vehicles which are fuel efficient and which cause minimum exhaust emissions.