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Post and rail components of the fencing system are produced from ZINC HI TEN® G550 in a thickness of 0.80mm. This is a hot dipped zinc coated structural steel with spangled surface and guaranteed minimum yield strength of 550MPa. Suitable for roll forming to a 4t minimum internal diameter under appropriate conditions.


Infill panel components of the fencing system are produced from ZINCALUME® G550S in a thickness of .35mm. The attributes of G550S are the same as for G550 but in addition has been skinpassed to improve surface quality.


Both products are what are sometimes referred to as ‘self-healing’ because the zinc in the surrounding coating protects any scratches or cut edges. In the presence of moisture, a reaction occurs between the zinc and the steel which results in galvanic protection of the exposed steel, thereby inhibiting corrosion.


Mechanical Properties
Guaranteed Minimum


Yield Strength (MPa) 550
Tensile Strength (MPa) 550



Fire Hazard
Properties Index


Ignitability Index (range 0-20) 0
Spread of Flame Index (range 0-10) 0
Heat Evolved Index (range 0-10) 0
Smoke Developed Index (range 0-10) 0

Chemical Properties
(Guaranteed Maximum %)


Carbon (0.20)
Phosphorous (0.04)
Manganese (1.20)
Sulphur (0.03)