Colourfence Features

Garden Fencing to be Proud Of

We see Colourfence as the best general garden fencing product on the market today. Our long lasting product is complemented by fantastic service from our highly qualified franchisees.

Our fencing solutions are stylish, durable and low maintenance. You can skip expensive annual fence treatments and rest assured that your product will last – as Colourfence has a 25 year guarantee.

We offer national survey and fitting services via fully trained Franchise network.

Here at Colourfence we offer value for money and a transparent pricing structure. Call for a free, no obligation survey and quotation.


Available in a range of colours to complement any garden environment. Both panel sides are identical making Colourfence an attractive and neighbour friendly garden fencing solution.

Low Maintenance

Colourfence’s low maintenance structure means it never needs treating or painting. An occasional wash is all that is required to keep your fence looking as good as new.


The Colourfence fencing solution is manufactured from Zincalume high tensile steel. It is fully engineered to be light weight yet extremely strong and durable. Our fence panels are guaranteed not to rot, warp or peel for 25 years. They can withstand wind gusts up to 130mph, giving you real peace of mind whatever the weather may throw at us.


Available in heights of up to 2.1m, Colourfence fences keep your garden or yard secure. Infills are securely locked into the fence posts and rails as a deterrent to intruders. A full range of lockable gates is also available.

Good Value

We cannot and do not try to compete on price with inferior lap panel timber installations. However Colourfence is remarkably good value, considering the longevity of the product and the lack of maintenance costs.

We offer a free, no obligation design, installation & quotation service. We do not employ high pressure sales tactics but leave you time to consider the prices we have quoted.


Colourfence fencing can be cut to any size on site, and can be stepped or raked. This means we can accommodate sloping ground and allow your garden fence to follow the natural contours of your land.
It can also be installed with or without decorative trellis which can be in the same or a contrasting colour depending on your preference. You could go for a truly individual and distinctive look by mixing post, rail and infill colours!


Colourfence is made from Colorbond steel, one of the most advanced steel Products in the world. Beneath the surface, world leading technology is hard at work delivering long life anti corrosion performance.

First, a Zincalume steel base ensures outstanding anti corrosion performance to which a conversion layer is applied to enhance coating adhesion. Then an epoxy primer is applied to the surface before a final durable exterior grade coloured top coat is baked on.