Colourfence Pricing

Colourfence material prices are fixed, but installation cost can alter according to site conditions. Installation is not included in the pricing table below. As a general guide, fitting costs start from €55 per panel excluding consumables. However please be aware that minimum labour charges may apply in some areas and the true cost can only be confirmed once we have undertaken a site survey. All prices quoted exclude VAT.

Colourfence panels are 2.35m in width rather than the standard 1.8m and include posts. Consider this when calculating price comparisons based on the table below – and remember the 25 year guarantee.

The pricing table is based upon our standard fencing heights – however the system is modular, and panels can be cut to any height or width on site.

We price check our rates frequently against national premium wood fencing suppliers, and ensure Colourfence prices represent remarkable value, especially factoring in the savings on maintenance and replacement.

2.35m (7.8ft) Width Panels Inc Posts



2.1m* / 2.0m Lattice €186.75 €186.75 €186.75 €186.75
2.0m Plain €153.45 €153.45 €153.45 €153.45
1.8m Lattice €168.60 €168.60 €168.60 €168.60
1.8m Plain €135.50 €135.50 €135.50 €135.50
1.5m Lattice €168.60 €168.60 €168.60 €168.60
1.5m Plain €120.60 €120.60 €120.60 €120.60
1.0m Lattice €131.10 €131.10 €131.10 €131.10
0.9m Plain €90.60 €90.60 €90.60 €90.60

* Please note that planning permission is usually required for fences higher than 2.0m

** Based on a 48ft run

For complex appointments that need custom heights and widths please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

One of our accredited franchisees will need to visit the installation site before we can confirm a more accurate price in writing. This is a completely no obligation service.