Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a fence in any height?

Standard heights for Colourfence fences are 1.0m, 1.5m and 1.8m and 2.1m. However Colourfence can be readily cut to any specific size on sight, although there may be a small additional labour charge.

Do I get a warranty on Colourfence fence panels?

Yes we confidently offer a written 25 year warranty on fence materials and two years on fitting, providing installations are undertaken, and the fence maintained, in accordance with our specifications.

What do I do if my Colourfence fence gets scratched? Will scratches lead to corrosion?

Minor scratches will not affect the performance of your fence because the galvanised and aluminium/zinc coatings effectively protect any cut edges or scratches from corrosion. It is best not to touch up minor damage, such as scratches, with paint.

Can Colourfence be used as a retaining wall?

No. Colourfence fencing has not been designed or tested for use in this application. It is highly likely the soil will cause corrosion of the steel.

Can I over-paint my colourfence?

Yes but we would strongly advise against this. The paint finish will be markedly inferior to the original and this will also void the fence warranty. Please contact the Colourfence Head office if you require further details.

How do I maintain my Colourfence to ensure long life?

A regular hose-down will keep the paint finish in good condition. Keep the bottom rail free of dirt and debris to ensure the drainage holes are not blocked and water can run away. The fences should be clear of the ground at all times. Avoid over-spraying pesticides and other garden chemicals on to the fence.

If I cut, drill or scratch the fence, will the exposed steel at the cut edges or scratch corrode?

Colourfence is made from a high tensile alloy that is sometimes known as ‘self-healing’ because the zinc in the surrounding coating protects the newly exposed edge. In the presence of moisture, a reaction occurs between the zinc and the steel which results in galvanic protection of the exposed steel, thereby inhibiting corrosion.

What about graffiti?

Colourfence cannot prevent graffiti, however, the infill profile means that “tags” are much more difficult to execute accurately than on a completely flat service, and this can act as a deterrent.

Can I buy a fence that has a different colour on each side?

Colourfence is not produced with different colours of exterior grade top coat on each side. The only way to achieve this is to paint one side. Over-painting will, however, result in a surface which is not as durable as the original oven-baked steel paint finish and painting the fence will also void any warranty.